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mindful focusing sessions 

Guided sessions offer the most direct and supportive way to practice Mindful Focusing. Whether you are a long-time meditator, new or deeply familiar with Focusing, working with an experienced practitioner can help keep you in balance and on track as you open your awareness of the subtle clues coming from your "felt sense". 

You can schedule a single session or a series of sessions, at whatever intervals feel right to you. If you are new to Focusing, a series of three sessions (3-pack) is recommended.

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From david

Often in life the very things that seem to stand in our way are actually signposts pointing to the direction we need to take to make real progress. Through Mindful Focusing, I support you to discover and strengthen your inner resources of awareness, compassion and intuitive insight that will enable you to achieve outward success.

I offer 50 minute individual sessions to introduce you to Focusing practice and to deepen your practice of felt-sensing, work on challenging issues, and overcome inner obstacles. I am not a therapist or a traditional coach; in these sessions you are always in charge. My role is to be a gentle, supportive companion as you venture deep inside yourself.