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Mindful Focusing

Mindful focusing

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What is Mindful Focusing?

There are unrecognized deeper sources of knowing present in our bodies. By bringing friendly, non-judgmental attention to subtle inner textures of experience that are prior to conceptual thinking, Mindful Focusing combines self-awareness and intuitive insight to discover breakthrough solutions and fresh horizons in personal, professional and social life.

Mindful Focusing is a contemplative technique that uses Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices together with the "Felt-Sense Focusing" methodology developed by American philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin. It is designed to uncover what is at stake for us at a deep level when we are challenged by uncomfortable situations, tough decisions, or blocks to creativity.

The difficult challenges of work, relationships, parenting, and so much more in our daily lives, are golden opportunities for personal growth and liberating changes in how we understand our selves and the world. The practice of Mindful Focusing generates fresh, often quite unexpected insights to dissolve obstacles and move ahead in our lives with renewed vision and energy.