David Rome
Your Body Knows the Answer

Your Accommodating Body

Try mindful focusing

with these free audio exercises


Mindful Focusing for a specific issue - Podcast for Tricycle Magazine

This 23-minute podcast gives an introduction to Mindful Focusing and a guided exercise for applying the practice to an issue, problem or decision you are currently facing.

GAP - Grounded Aware Presence

This 4 minute audio exercise is perfect preparation for:

  • Focusing practice
  • Meditation
  • A performance
  • An athletic event

— anything that requires you to be alert, relaxed, aware, and on the spot.

Uncover the "Felt Sense"

Try this 7 minute audio to open the door to Mindful Focusing from Grounded Aware Presence.

Friendly Attending

This gentle 6-minute exercise fine tunes your listening presence, readying you to meet whatever arises in your practice.

An interview with David Rome, Book Radio

October 6th, 2014